Our history

JJPeople UK was formed in 2005 to provide both onshore and offshore software services in the UK and Europe. From our base in Canary Wharf, London we have built a great team of talented individuals who provide advanced software services to major clients in many European countries. JJPeople was set up in 2008 in Kenya to supply outsource services to Europe. Working in close association with some of the top universities in Kenya we set up an extensive training program and to date have trained over one thousand software Java specialists, Oracle DBAs and VMware developers. The international experience gained by our people means that today JJPeople can boast the most experienced team of software professionals in Eastern Africa.

Oracle Services

JJPeople Oracle Service

With nearly three decades of Oracle licensing experience, JJPeople is uniquely positioned to address specific needs in the most cost-effective way possible. ...

Software Development Services

JJPeople Development Services

We specialise in creating and supporting innovative Cloud-Based software and work in partnership with some of the most creative companies in this field. ...